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Pro-Namic Real Estate

Pro-Namic Real Estate has Specialized departments who collaborate to support our client's best interest in every discipline in Real Estate.

We guide our clients all the way through the registration process to eliminate what can be a stressful and emotional process.

Our experienced Realtors strongly negotiate for you.

To eliminate a stressful experience, we anticipate free services in addition like Free furniture Transport to all our buyers, doing proper home inspections making sure everything is in working order before our valuable buyers move into a property and cleaning the property properly before date of Occupation.

Our local Realtors know that real estate is more than a house structure: it's a home filled with elegance and style that we strive to sell to our valued clients.

Why choose Us?

With more than 20 Years experience in the Real Estate industry and With the guidance of our CEO and Founder Mr Brian Snooke, also known as Gauteng's Nr.1 Realtor, all our agents provide only the best when it comes to client service.

With A first of a kind Turn-Key solution we are able to offer our clients a wide variety of service when buying or selling through Pro-Namic Properties

Free Furniture Removal

We move your furniture for free to your new home

T's&C's Apply

Best Interest

We admit your home loan to all major banks and assure the best interest rate possible.


Property Inspection done by us to ensure that everything is in perfect working order - GUARANTEED

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